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Why should I get the app?

The My EE app’s the quickest way to control your devices. And it’s personalised to you.

On pay monthly?

  • Check your data in a whizz
  • Stay on top of extra charges
  • Check your allowances and add-ons
  • See all your numbers in one place
  • See your contacts’ names and pictures
  • Get add-ons

On pay as you go?

  • Check your data in a whizz
  • Manage your packs in a blink
  • Track your Free Boosts
  • Check your balance on the go


How do I get it?

Send us a text

Text APP to 150 and we’ll send you a handy link to download.

Go to the App Store

Just search for ‘My EE’ and download it.

Download it now

I’m with EE >

I’m with Orange or T-Mobile >


What log in details do I use?

If you’ve already got a My EE account, use the same email address and password to log in to the app.

Forgotten your password?

Get a new password >

Not got a My EE account?

Register now >


What’s my username? 

With EE?

This is an email address.

With Orange?

This is your mobile number.

With T-Mobile?

This is a memorable word you set up when joining us.


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