Roaming overseas and calling abroad from the UK

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Roaming costs

Check your costs while you're abroad, wherever you are in the world.

Travel Data Pass

500MB a day to use in our most popular worldwide destinations from just £4 a day.

Calling abroad

Calling abroad from the UK costs

Find out how much it costs to call countries around the world from the UK, whether you're on pay monthly, pay as you go or EE Broadband.


Getting ready to use your phone abroad

In this post we'll give you all the information you need to make sure your EE phone is all ready to use when you travel abroad, whether it be for business or pleasure.

Posted by Karen_C in EE Network
What to do if you're having problems abroad

When you travel abroad we always hope the experience of using your EE phone goes without a glitch! If you ever find yourself having problems using your phone whilst Roaming, give the handy tips in this post a try.

Posted by Karen_C in The EE Network
Free EU roaming: Who's covered and what's included

We've got some great news: from 10 May our new pay monthly phone plans will come with EU roaming included, so you can enjoy your UK minutes, texts and data in more places!

Posted by TiffJ in The EE Network


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