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Six free months of Apple Music

Apple Music is available to all new, existing and upgrading EE customers and gives you access to more than 40 million tracks. It is also available to Android and Apple customers.

You can listen to Apple radio services, curate your own personalised music, as well as live stream and download for offline listening.

The offer is for all EE customers on a pay monthly or SIM only phone plan.

You get six months of free Apple Music to use with your Apple or Android device when signing up to a rolling £9.99 Apple Music on EE subscription. When your six months expires you'll pay £9.99 each month on your EE bill.


What happens after the free six months?


What do I need to do to get free Apple Music?

To subscribe to Apple Music with the data on us, simply text MUSIC to 150. Then reply YES to the follow up text message (make sure you have the bill payer’s permission) and you will receive further instructions on how to download and enjoy free Apple Music.

If you currently have a subscription for Apple Music directly with Apple, this will need to be cancelled in order to enjoy Apple Music membership through EE. To do this immediately, you will need to call Apple directly on 08001076285 or alternatively you can follow the guidance here.

This offer is available to pay monthly phone, 30 day and 12 month SIM only customers as well as Shared plan customers.

I already signed up to a six months free Apple Music offer through EE (or direct from Apple) can I also benefit from this offer?

If you’ve already had an Apple Music offer through EE, you can’t get it again. However, if you continued to subscribe to the Apple Music service with EE or have an Apple Music subscription directly with Apple, you’re entitled to six months of streaming for Apple Music, on us. Just text STREAM to 150 or log into My EE via our app or website.

What happens at the end of my six months’ free Apple Music membership?

Apple Music Membership will be charged at £9.99 (inc VAT) (£8.33 ex VAT) a month until you ask us to remove it. You can cancel the add-on at any time (but it might take 48 hours to be removed from your account) by texting STOP MUSIC to 150 or by logging into My EE via our app or website.

What happens at the end of my six months’ free Apple Music data streaming on us?

The free data streaming add-on will be automatically removed from your account and any data used whilst using the Apple Music App will now come out of your price plan’s data allowance. We’ll send you a text at the end of the six months to remind you.

If you’d like to continue receiving unlimited Apple Music data, this can be added to your account at any point for just £5 per month by texting STREAM to 150 or via My EE. You must have some data remaining in your plan’s inclusive data allowance in order to be able to use this add-on. You can cancel the add-on at any time (but it might take 48 hours to be removed from your account) by texting STOP STREAM to 150 or via My EE. Terms apply.

Is this offer open to 30 day and 12 month SIM only customers as well as Shared Plan customers?

Yes, the Apple Music offer is open to 30 day, 12 month SIM only and Shared Plan customers. For Shared Plan customers, the offer is not shared across your plan, so each member of your Sharer group that would like to take advantage of the Apple Music membership and/or data streaming offer will need to opt into it by texting MUSIC to 150

Will I get free Apple Music streaming when I’m abroad?

No - any mobile data that you use outside of the UK to stream or download Apple Music will come out of your plan or data pass allowance.

Unable to verify Apple Music memebership?

There are a number of things you can try:

  • Check that the correct mobile number is showing on your phone:
    iPhone – Settings>Phone>My Number
    Android – Settings> About Phone>My Phone Number
  • If you cannot change the number manually, try turning your phone off and on, then check the number again.
  • If the correct mobile number is showing, you may need to remove the Apple Music app and re-install. 
  • Once done, click on the link in the text message to activate correctly with EE.

If this still doesn’t work, we would recommend giving customer services a call on 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250. They will check to see that this is set-up correctly.

If an incorrect mobile number is showing (in case you’ve ported your number over to EE), your SIM needs refreshing to display the correct number then the offer should work. To request this, please call customer service on 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250. If you are a personal pay monthly customer on an EE plan, you can also login to My EE online and click the popup box when available to speak with us via live chat.



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Is the 6 months free Apple Music offer available to current EE customers?

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Unable to link EE account to Apple Music

I have been using apple music for the past few months, also had my 3 months trial period.

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