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Apple Music on EE will appear on your bill in the same way other add-ons do. During the free period, it will appear on your bill as a free service.

After your six months' free period, you will be charged for your Apple Music membership on EE. It’s £9.99 a month. In your first month you may see two Apple Music items on your bill. 

One item will be a pro-rata charge for the remainder of that billing period; the other Apple Music item on your bill will be for the next full month, in advance.

Your free period will start from the point that Apple Music on EE is added to your account so it’s important that you activate and start using Apple Music right away.  

If you already have Apple Music direct with Apple, you'll need to cancel your existing subscription - you can cancel this within the Apple Music app. Otherwise, you'll have two contracts running concurrently and will continue to be charged by Apple. 

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