How can I see my monthly bill?

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See your monthly bills

See your monthly bills

Log in to My EE to see your latest bill.

This includes the date you can expect your next bill – usually around the same date each month.

Home Broadband, landline or EE TV

You can see your monthly Home Broadband, landline or EE TV monthly bill by logging in to My EE Home Broadband

Printed bills

Printed bills

To get a printed bill sent to you:
  1. 1

    Log in to My EE

  2. 2

    Choose Menu

  3. 3

    Then Bills and payments

  4. 4

    To order a printed copy, select Order printed copy by post

There’s a small charge for each printed bill.

Other formats

Other formats

You can get your bill in large print, audio or Braille.

> Find out more about seeing your bill in other formats

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