Why the map isn't perfect

    Points to note

    In areas where great indoor coverage is indicated, it is usually possible to make and receive calls within buildings. However, this depends on the construction of the building and where you are in it. In some cases, use of your mobile phone will be impaired inside buildings (for example basements or lifts may have lower quality coverage). Coverage also depends on the device you are using and the plan you have joined. To access 4G, double speed 4GEE or 4G+ speeds, you’ll need coverage, a compatible phone and an eligible plan.

    Please also note that the service areas are based on computer prediction. Whilst we have tried to make this guide as accurate as possible, the information provided is not a guarantee of service availability. We have not tested every location within the areas shown as having coverage. So while the coverage footprint outlined on the maps is generally accurate, there may be specific areas shown as having coverage where your device will not work.

    All products using radio technology, including television and car radios, can be affected by local physical conditions which may interfere with radio signals. As with other mobile phone services, coverage can be affected in tunnels, dips, cuttings, mountains and wooded areas.

    Even in great coverage areas, additional sites might be planned to improve the level of in-building coverage in known problem areas. The coverage maps may also indicate these planned coverage expansions. We reserve the right to modify the schedule of planned improvement works without notice, as required from time to time.