WiFi Calling

Make calls even without a signal

We all know a place where the phone signal’s a bit patchy. Well now you can call and text as normal wherever there’s WiFi, thanks to WiFi Calling. 

WiFi Calling is supported on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices bought directly from EE in one of our stores and online. Some Android and Windows devices bought from other retailers won't support WiFi Calling. For more information on this, visit our Help page.

Benefits of WiFi Calling

No apps, no hassle

You don't have to download an app. All you need to do is make sure your phone is connected to WiFi.

No change to your bill

Calls and texts come out of your monthly allowance as normal and out of allowance calls will be charged at your standard rate.

Make calls as usual

Just use your phone as you normally would. If you're out of network coverage, WiFi Calling lets you call or text.

Only connect once

Once you've connected to your home WiFi network, you'll automatically connect next time round.

WiFi on London Underground

Stay connected below ground with these four steps to access WiFi in over 100 London Underground stations

1. Register overground --->

All new pay monthly EE customers will automatically get access to our Underground WiFi service. If you're an existing customer (pre-November 2015) find out how to set up.

2. Open Virgin page --->

Next time you go underground, open your phone browser - you’ll be redirected to the Virgin portal page.

3. Sign in on EE --->

Click the EE logo to sign in, using your phone number, email address and unique passcode.

4. Stay connected

Once you’re set up, every time you enter the Underground you’ll be logged in automatically - as long as your WiFi is enabled.

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